Fletch: Dawn of the Golden Eagle, and it's companion app - Fletchbook, was a final year University project developed in Unity (the app uses the Android SDK). Fletch is available to download on ModDB and Fletchbook is available on the Google Play Store.

You can read retrospectives on the development on Fletch here, and the post about Fletchbook's release here.

Fletch: Dawn of the Golden Eagle

Fletch: Dawn of the Golden Eagle is a 3D platformer where the player takes on the role of the young janitor, Fletch, on a quest to retrieve the Auric Cannon back from Klauss, who intends on turning everything to gold. Along the way, Fletch will get new suits which unlock abilities like combat, double-jumping and invisibility and can collect a number of collectables including acorns and statues.

Fletch was developed in Unity using C#. I was one of the two programmers, alongside Abdul Ahmad. The rest of the team consisted of artists Ali Malik and Ryan Bradley, and producer Iain Walsh. Scott Elliott provided us with the music.

My main focus was the data systems within the game, such as saving/loading and the missions. I also worked on the Front-End, level-to-level transitions, collectables, achievements, and the syncing between the game and the app. Besides programming, I also did level design and a tiny bit of 3D modelling as well as voicing the lead villain of the game, Klauss.


Fletchbook began life as Fletch: On the Go, developed in Eclipse with the Android SDK. It would allow the player to sync up and look at their accomplishments in the game and scan in QR codes from the game to unlock content such as concept art. A social network element was devised, originally a small side-part to the app. This element grew and became too big, leading a redesign to make the entire app Fletchbook.

One of the core features in being able to scan in QR codes, which are scattered throughout the game. The user is required to download Barcode Scanner which handles the Intent for scanning in the code.

The main challenge for Fletchbook was making a connection between a PC game developed in C# to an Android app developed in Java so they could communicate with each other. In order to do this, the game's data is saved to an XML file which can be read by both languages.

Fletchbook is available to download on the Google Play Store.