The Evolution of Darwin


The Evolution of Darwin is a Game Maker game created for the 24th Ludum Dare competition, with the theme as 'Evolution'. Ludum Dare is a 48-hour event where all game assets and code must be created within the 48 hour period. In Darwin, the player gains abilities the more they perform an action.

Initially it began life as a Flash project but my lack of ActionScript knowledge soon ground me to a halt. I made the decision to switch to Game Maker since I knew it well, and I could easily make up the lost time spent working in Flash.

The art and code were done in Game Maker, with sounds created in Anvil Studio for further editing in FL Studio and Audacity.

You can download Darwin here (7.13 MB zipped, includes source)



The beginning of the game.

Near the start of the game, the player comes across other creatures. Should the player die, they will take control of one of these.

The player has gained the ability to fly.

A group of apes.

Darwin has become more human in appearance.

*Spoilers!* The end of the game where the player has evolved into a human.